The Workplace Learning Network is an association of 16 organisations, with a business model that focuses on the youth of NSW. The Network members through the delivery of Work Placement Coordination Services, have delivered a variety of programs and services to schools, Industry and communities in their regions for over 15 years and in most instances have been doing this work for more than 20 years.

Our aim is to provide students with opportunities to learn by “doing” in real world contexts. Workplace Learning Network members are passionate about providing opportunities for students to obtain the skills and workplace learning experiences they require to make sound personal, educational and vocational choices to ensure they have the best chance of thriving in the workplace of the future.
Diana Lang

The MissionChanging the lives of students and driving the future workforce.

Our goal is to provide ‘quality career opportunities for young people, across industry sectors in NSW’ to achieve this, our members are required to be flexible and responsive to the changing economic and social conditions in their regions. They are able to be flexible and responsive because they are local and not governed by metro-based or interstate management hierarchy. Our members are at the cutting edge of the changing economic and social conditions in their regions, they have developed long term relationships with local businesses, schools, service providers, governments and communities. To support this local knowledge, our members have the strength of the network, collectively the association members have a data base in excess of 60,000 employers, they support 30,000 students each year and place them in meaningful work placements. To support the variety of industry programs our members deliver, an annual process of renewal is maintained that recruits 3,000 – 4,000 new businesses, the vast majority of which are small to medium enterprises.

To ensure the industry engagement is significant for all stakeholders, our members are required to have an in depth knowledge of the training packages and VET qualifications, this understanding and knowledge enables them to promote a more flexible and outcomes-based VET opportunity. The members work with business to develop and put in place a training experience which will significantly complement and enhance the off the job training delivered by the school, TAFE and other RTO organisations.


The GoalDeliver a quality career based service to the youth of NSW.

To achieve this our members, commit to the networks constitution and readily interact and support each other, the strength of the network is built on these principles.

Each organisation brings a skill-base tailored to their respective region. Collectively the Network offers them the power of a state-wide organisation that is experienced and professional. Our members are unencumbered by alliances to out of region influences ensuring the; management is local, the staff is local and the services are local.

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